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  • The opening credits say "COPYRIGHT MCMXXXIII [1933]," but the closing credits say "COPYRIGHT MCMXXXII [1932]".
  • During the Shuffle Off to Buffalo number, the position of the shoes when dropped change.
  • While in Philadelphia, Julian's position relative to the girls changes as he dismisses them for the night.
  • The same drinking glass (water) is used throughout the movie. The glass is first seen during the rehearsals when Peggy faints. The same glass then pops up again in Pat Denning's home/apartment when he uses it for his lapel flower/button hole, then again the exact same glass appears in Julian Marsh's hotel room, but this time after the company have moved on to Philadelphia.
  • The establishing shot of Dorothy Brock's (Bebe Daniels) hotel door, on the night before the big opening, clearly shows her to be in room 831, yet, when she throws everyone out of her rooms a few minutes later, the door number is 284.
  • The "42nd Street" finale features full size cars as well as buildings. In order to present this the stage would have had to be at least 60 feet deep and over 100 feet wide. This would be impossible in a real theater.
  • In the opening scene, the New Yorker magazine being read has a cover that wasn't used until 1939.
  • During an overhead shot, the girls are dancing on a raised circular platform and the male dancers are lying face down in a radial pattern around the platform. In the next shot the men are on their feet approaching the girls on the platform.
  • The word "Premiere" on the marquee of the theatre at the end is spelled without the final "e."
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