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  • Originally titled 17 Bridges.
  • The title 21 Bridges refers to the connections in and out of Manhattan, this is indeed true. In reality though, only 17 of these are actually bridges, the remaining 4 are tunnels. List of Bridges include: Brooklyn, Manhattan, Williamsburg, Queensboro, RFK, Willis Avenue, Third Avenue, Madison Avenue, 145th St, Macombs Dam, The High, Alexander Hamilton, Washington, University Heights, Broadway, Henry Hudson, and the George Washington. List of Tunnels include: Brooklyn-Battery, Holland, Lincoln, and the Queens-Midtown.
  • In an interview, lead actor Chadwick Boseman stated that the Russo Brothers came to him the "night of the premiere of 'Infinity War' with a script." Boseman jokingly replied, "Well, am I really dead." (in regard to his characters' fate in 'Infinity War').
  • In Italy the title was changed to the city of crime.
  • In Spain the title was changed to "Manhattan sin Salida" (Manhattan without Escape).
  • Chadwick Boseman played Jackie Robinson in 42 (2013). Stephan James played Jesse Owens in Race (2016). Both Robinson and Owens were great athletes who became prominent symbols of the Civil Rights Movement.
  • When scripture is being recited by the priest at the funeral, said scripture mentions an 'avenger' as the camera focuses on the young (Chadwick). Chadwick Boseman is in fact also known as the Black Panther from the MCU.
  • Veteran actor Keith David, who plays Deputy Chief Spencer, was the voice of Black Panther in the 1994 animated Fantastic Four. Chadwick Boseman is the 2018 live-action Black Panther.
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