Filming a movie is hard, and can often be dangerous, even when actors aren’t in the middle of doing stunts. There are coordinated fights, marks you have to hit, punches you have to pull. Sometimes, it goes wrong.

Samara Weaving learned that the hard way. The breakout star of Ready or Not, Weaving may or may not have clocked one of her famous costars in the face during filming. (Spoilers: She definitely did.)

While on Variety and iHeart’s movie podcast The Big Ticket, Weaving confessed she got veteran actor Andie MacDowell good while filming a scuffle between the two of them and Weaving accidentally knocked her “real bad” in the head with a prop brick. Even worse? It was the very first day they’d met. “I hit Andie MacDowell in the face by accident,” Weaving said. “It was horrible! It was the first day I met her.” Talk about awkward.

Luckily, MacDowell turned out to be far more chill than everyone thought: “Everyone freaked out because we didn’t know she was so cool at the time,” recounted Weaving. “We were like, ‘Is she going to quit the movie? Is she going to yell at me? Am I going to be fired?’ But she was great. She was like, ‘I just need some ice and it’s fine, everyone. Let’s go again.’”

Actors accidentally missing their marks and for real real punching other actors always makes for a great anecdote. Just think of the time Harrison Ford accidentally punched costar Ryan Gosling on the set of Blade Runner 2049 and the shot of the exact moment it happened went viral.

Or when Kit Harington accidentally punched Iwan Rheon in the face on the set of Game of Thrones while filming a fight  – twice. Then again, who among us didn’t also want to punch Ramsay Bolton?

If you think about it that way, Weaving has joined a respectable circle of actors who have accidentally clocked their costars in the face. She can be proud to get it out of the way so early in her career. Ready or Not is a fantastically fun time at the movies, and Weaving is great. Here’s to hoping her spot blows up and she gets many more chances to accidentally punch other actors on set in roles to come.

Ready or Not is in theaters now.

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