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The Neverending Dark Phoenix Story: This weekend, for the second time in 13 years, we have another Dark Phoenix movie. For nearly four decades, Hollywood has told this story in 10 comics, one animated series, and two movies. The creators behind each of these adaptations reveal why Marvel’s iconic tale just won’t quit. – The Ringer

Days of Future WTF: The X-Men movies have been around for almost 20 years, and any franchise with a dozen installments under its belt is bound to have a plot hole or five. Marvel’s mutants have racked up quite the list of head-scratchers, and with the franchise ending, we may never know just why the First Class class doesn’t really age. Like, at all. – ScreenCrush

‘To Wong Foo’ With Love: To celebrate Pride Month, Shout! Factory has an a-mah-zing Collector’s Edition Blu-ray release of To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar. With the disc packed with bonus features and a great making-of doc celebrating the film’s 23rd anniversary, Kristy Puchko gives the Blu-ray a spin and reveals some of the cult-fav film’s behind-the-scenes secrets. – Pajiba

Watchlist Must-Adds: When you’re done watching To Wong Foo…, here are a few more LBGTQ+ movies you should definitely stream just in time for Pride Month. – Pajiba

Invisible Touch: Universal has a deep bench of monsters worthy of their own big-screen franchise, as evidenced by several attempts to reboot Dracula and The Mummy with mixed results. But if there’s a “monster” who could really turn this franchise around, it’s Uni’s most underrated MVP: Blumhouse’s upcoming Invisible Man movie. – Bloody Disgusting

Love that Cryptkeeper: HBO’s Tales From the Crypt occupies a very nostalgic (and chilling) spot for fans of horror. While a recent reboot of the property stalled out, that doesn’t mean the Cryptkeeper doesn’t have some life left in him. – Dread Central

Kicking Ass, Taking Names: Action movie fans have known for years that which Hollywood has only recently started to realize: Female action heroes are literally the best. And they’ve got the receipts. – Birth.Movies.Death.

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Look Who’s (Sorta?) Talking: Okay, this has nothing to do with movies, but this video is so friggin’ cute it will make your entire week. Maybe your entire month:


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